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Hedge Ironworks is a one man operated blacksmith shop run by Jake Hedge. Working out of his Forge near Ludlow set in the beautiful Shropshire hills, Jake offers a range of Blacksmithing courses, an online shop and takes on sculptural, architectural & decorative Ironwork commissions of any sort. 


Jake enrolled at the National School of Blacksmithing in 2012 and 3 years later left a fully accredited Blacksmith with the highest possible marks achieved. Whilst still at college Jake secured a job at a local forge and began work before the term had ended. Working on a wide range of jobs from large architectural work, to delicately forged items was an invaluable learning experience.


Opportunity then led Jake down the road of self-employment and he established his own business in 2016. Since then Jake has worked to commission on a wide variety of projects from antique clock brackets to traditionally forged garden gates. Alongside his commissioned work Jake has designed and forged over 50 ‘stock’ items for the home that are made to order from his online shop. Lastly he has also created a number of taylor made Blacksmithing courses that have been extremely popular, Including: ‘Have a Bash at Blacksmithing’, ‘Knife making’ and ‘Rose making’. Through the commissioned work, online store and Blacksmithing courses Hedge Ironworks has received over 150 5 Star reviews, Jake strives for this high standard in all aspects of his Blacksmithing work. 


“It’s impossible not to be entranced by the nature of forge work. A cold and unforgiving material to be heated in the fire and forged by hand to capture something beautiful & with purpose. I’m inspired by the craft of the Blacksmith and find myself happily immersed within it…I am continuously seeking to improve my skills and always strive for perfection in every individual piece. Everything I make is hand forged, using mostly traditional techniques…I find using these techniques create the most aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound work. I’m inspired by natural, organic form and the forging process itself - both of which I experience every day and always try to capture in my work. I enjoy creating clean, organic looking Ironwork with focus on the forged elements, the devil is in the detail. Careful and deliberate use of hammer texturing, traditional joinery & fire-welding can really make a piece sing”

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